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The Fast Way to Learn to Juggle 3 Balls

Read these instructions through, watch the demo for a bit, and then take it a step at a time ....

  1. Take 3 balls, 2 in your right hand,1 in your left..
  2. Throw one ball from your right hand into the air, just above head height
  3. As the ball thrown from your right reaches the top of its arc, throw the ball from your left hand into the air, so that it passes under the path of the first ball.
  4. With your now empty left hand, Catch the ball you threw into the air from your right..
  5. The ball thrown from your left is now just reaching the top of it's arc.
  6. Empty your right hand with another perfect right hand throw.
  7. Catch the incoming ball with your right hand.
  8. REPEAT from step 3..

It may make it appear simpler if you think of it as :

  1. throw a ball into the air
  2. to catch it, you have to empty a hand first.
  3. In order to empy a hand, you throw the ball that's in it up ino the air ..... and then catch.




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