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There's more to catching

Some people will tell you that juggling is all about making good throws. When you think about it, this is obviously a bit silly. Juggling is about throwing and catching, and you can't juggle unless you can do both. To juggle larger numbers of balls, or to do more complex tricks, you have to be able to do both pretty well.

If you're really good at throwing, you can get away with not being so good at catching, and vice versa, but it obviously helps to be pretty competent at both.

Some tips for better catching :

  • Open your hand wide to give the ball a large target area to hit.
  • Mentally visualise where the ball is going by watching its arc, so you can get your hand in the way.
  • Wait for the ball to come down (gravity has to date proved quite reliable in this area), it will. By reaching up and grabbing the ball before it comes down to waist height, you're giving yourself less time to concentrate on your throws. Relax .... I promise it will come down.
  • Finally, don't try too hard, your subconscious will work it out given enough practice.



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