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The Perfect Throw

The perfect throw begins the fraction of a second in which you catch the ball.

The hand containing the freshly caught ball, continues downwards in a smooth arc, so that the ball does not change direction rapidly, but is gently guided from the position where it was caught, to the position where it will be released upwards again.

If you did this perfectly, you wouldn't have to close your hand as you 'caught' the ball.

In fact it is possible to to 'catch' and throw the balls using the backs of your hands. You can try that later.

When you release the ball, you should be thinking about the arc it is going to make on it's journey, where it is going to peak, and where it is going to land.

Of course, this is a lot to think about when you're just starting, so erm, I suggest just bunging it up in roughly the right direction and seeing what happens.



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