Circus Workshops and Skills from Alight Fingers  

Top Tips

  • You're supposed to enjoy this. If it's not working, take a short break, smile a bit, and don't let it get you down. It can take time, but given time, and practice, you can do it.
  • Stand in front of a bed or sofa to practice, as then you don't have to bend over so far to pick up dropped balls (not that you're going to drop any balls).
  • The balls go up and down, and side to side, but they should not go forwards or backwards. Think of the balls as being free to move in an imaginary plane of glass in front of you.
  • If you find that once you can get a few throws and catches together, you end up walking forwards, or twisting round to keep everything going, try doing it standing on the edge of a cliff, and see if that helps you focus (standing in front of a wall is a suitable alternative, but watch for grazed knuckles).
  • Sometimes, people have problems just getting the balls out of their hands to start. If you can make two throws, but don't seem able to get the third ball out of your hands, stop worrying about catching anything for a while, let the balls hit the ground, but just concentrate on making sure the first three throws happen and go in the right direction.
  • This can not be stressed enough - All throws should go to the same height.
  • If juggling in front of your computer, try not to break your keyboard.




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